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I lead when 
facilitate lightly 
when necessary and just observe when you've got it, adding 
tweaks as you

For Kids, Girls and Families Australia Wide
I'm a sharer - of ideas, imagination, knowledge, and stories. 

I'm also a do-er. 
That's what makes the workshop format, so brilliant. Workshops are all about learning through doing. Developing skills, knowledge, tools and practices that can be dipped into throughout ones life.

Together, you and I, or rather your child and I willl roll up our sleeves and expand, grow, laugh, play and celebrate our love of doing and learning. The way it was meant to be. 
I look forward to meeting you and your child/ren at one of my doing workshops. Organise a workshop for your school, vocation care, preschool, tourist attraction, organisation or festival.

Workshops IN:

Girls Empowerment 
Hula Hooping
Movement Imagination 
Balloon Bending 
Creative Writing 


FAmily Tribe Sunday

The moment is now to reclaim - reestablish - refresh, or simple strengthen your family bonds by doing stuff together. It's not weird. It's totally FUN!

First Sunday is
Mountain day in the 
Blue Mountains with your family

Starts soon!
express your interest
by email

Click below if you love
your Family Tribe and 
want to expand the love,
with nature as the guide and an array of talented doers.

Girl Empowerment

Weekly and Monthly Rite of Passage Classes are offered weekly and monthly for girls 7-12 years
 13-15 years

Girls Tribe   
Girls Class 7-12 years 
Thursday 4.45 - 5.45pm 

Girls Tribe Sunday
7-12 years
one Sunday of the Month 10.30-2.30pm

Click below to discover how your girl/s can cultivate a strong internal self image to make life easier to achieve their hope dreams and aspirations. It's totally possible. 


Movement Imagination

Let's  move, imagine, play for  greater awareness, imagination
and connection

3-5 years

School Age
Tuesdays & Thursdays
3.45 - 4.45pm

 Click to discover all the wonders that Movement Imagination offers your child/ren


I love encouraging children to develop the skills and practices you wish you learned as a kid.

Expanding awareness, creating a calm mind, expanded  self expression and  connection with nature.

Join a weekly class or book a course for your school.

To be announced shortly

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