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Girls Empowerment

Cultivating a strong internal self image.
Weekly Confidence Classes
 for girls 7-15 in the Blue Mountains

Does the girl in your life, have an optimal internal self image? 

Living an authentic and satisfying life is limited by how the girl in your life, imagines herself on the inside.

If she imagines herself negatively, she will struggle.

If she feels she can't do things, she won't even try the things she really wants to explore and do. 

The 'I can't do it,' culture is on the rise.

Girls are looking to their media screens for guidance. The world projected there is of course, unrealistic and fake. 

If the girl in your family is basing her self image on what she sees, then how can she live a real and satisfying life, in the real world? 


Girl Tribe Philosophy  

Girl Tribe is centred around building a set of skills and tools, knowledge and practices for cultivating a strong internal self image, that your girl will always carry with her, throughout her entire life.

Girl Tribe is creative and playful, uplifting and supportive.

For 20 years Lavender Lily has engaged and mentored children - the most joyful way to pass on new skills and tools, knowledge and practices is through laughter and fun.

Because that's when human being are most relaxed and responsive. 

Many children even at young ages have experienced deep challenges and set backs without practises and strategies to ground them.

The essential fun elements of Girl Tribe, gives girls an opportunity to soothe their mind and body systems, open their hearts and spirit, relax their bodies and laugh. Loud! Just like human beings were meant to. 

Girl Tribe nurtures intuition and self empowerment so that the girl in your life can identify whats best for her, yet still be open to guidance and new options.


 Skills - Tools, Knowledge - Practices

A girls need to know how to centre herself -  to soothe her nervous system, instead of reacting to people and problems in every situation. 

Girl Tribe builds skills and tools, knowledge and practices to do just this.


  • Breathing and relaxation techniques

  • Drumming and percussion for wellbeing 

  • Body Geography (basic anatomy and physiology), how the embody works including an expanded understanding of  posture, cells, muscles and bones.

  • Structured Movement practices including Hula Hoop dance

  • Expressive-free-form-Movement 

  • How to observe inner feelings and the outer world without judgemernt and why is important

  • Explore feelings and heart connection 

  • Fuelling the body

  • Connecting with self, female wisdom and nature.

  • Tools for taming  and expanding self talk 

  • Self discipline, self care, self determination.

  • And lots of laughter and joy. It's all about the JOY!

Girl Tribe 
supports your girl 
to establish 
skills and tools,
knowledge and practices
to develop her 
internal self image
to feel good
about herself inside
and out.


Invitation to join Girl Tribe 

I invite your daughter on an incredible journey into developing and

strengthening her internal self image at either joining a weekly classes or

school holiday workshop in a beautiful natural bush setting in

the Blue Mountains.

BOOK a Session

for The Girl in Your Life Today 
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