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'Imagination is more
important than

'Nothing happens until 
something moves'

Albert Eistein.

Move Your Imagination  
Preschool and Primary School Students, Community Events, After School-Care, School Holiday and OOSH Programs as well as Corporate Family Activities 
Creative Movement and Healthy Body Fun
Move Your Imagination can be formatted as:
 Show -  Workshop - ongoing class  
Supporting children to grow awareness of their bodies, emotions and internal connections through observing, sensing and play. 


This is an adventure into the wonders of the human body and human movement possibilities.

Move Your Imagination calls you to reimagine how your body moves, the shapes your body makes and internal sensory perception.

Through a series creative riddles and ongoing open-ended questions, children observe and explore their own movement patterns through supportive guidance and facilitation from Lavender Lily, that's playful and fun. 

Children may expand their :

  •  range of motion

  •  body awareness - mindful movement

  •  imagination

  •  sense of self

  •  feelings of heat-felt connection


  • structured guided body games

  • movement riddles

  • problem solving

  • animal play

  • drumming and percussion

  • call and response

  • imagery

  • storytelling

  • relaxation & breathing techniques

  • songs and soundscape

  • free form expression and dance

  • bones and the human skeleton

  • Hula Hooping, mini bean bags and scarves



Connect with your feelings and heart



Did you know that  limited movement restricts your imagination and emotional expression? 

Free your imagination and emotional capacity with Move Your Imagination

Move Your Imagination asks children to actively engage with their feelings and senses to expand their  awareness of themselves.  

Soothe the mind, calm the body and activate the imagination.



This workshop isn’t one, where kids are asked to repeat the walk, run, skip, jump, throw, catch. Boring.

Move Your Imagination dives into the bones, to support children awareness of  what's under their skin and to move with greater ease.

 Move Your Imagination supports kids posture and healthy body function.

In a time where an increasing percentage of children are overwhelmed, depressed, angry and confused about how they feel, wanting to escape into the computer screen, Lavender Lily and Move Your Imagination coaxes children back to the real world.

Supporting children to expand their understanding of their brilliant human body and to move beyond their emotional, cognitive and physical limitations.

Move Your Imagination is centred on learning through process.


Call Lavender Lily direct on 0417 248869
for information on how Move Your Imagination supports the NSW Board of Studies syllabus for PDHPE, Science and Technology and Creative Arts K-6 and EA and The Early Years Learning Framework (Australia)

Shows and Performative Workshops available in Wollongong, Sydney, Blue Mountains and throughout NSW 

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