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Designed specifically to complement human 7 year life-force cycles. This party will appeal those that practice intentional parenting and/or for those that home school their kids. 

If your child is turning 1,  7 or 14 years old and you 
acknowledge the human spirit cycles a birthday honouring is for your child. 

After many years of offering traditional modern kids parties through Sydney and beyond Lavender Lily calls for a new approach to celebrating the child self. 

This does not prescribe to the 'look at me, and 'more more
glitter culture,' it's earthly in nature. 

Lavender Lily celebrates the essence of the birthday child's life, in a fun filled and spirited way. 
Honouring includes
acknowledgement of the birthday child,
the season, the elements and the connection to earth 
 Drumming and percussion
Feathers, stones and sand intentioning
Wild Nature Art in conjunction wth face painting (although optional) 
Hula Hooping
Dance, Movement and Songs
Treasure Box hunt with natural gifting


This party is the newest trend in Children's Birthday Party Ideas for 2020.
Nature, Movement and  Wellness Based
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