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THE Lavender Lily STORY

My spirit and energy has always been huge. Dad and Mum were always worried and stressed, as to what to do with me and how I would fit into the world. My teachers too. I didn’t fit into any box in the usual framework. While in primary school, talking over the teacher in class, dancing in church, painting my friends faces purple (not realising you couldn’t use house paint) – but it wasn’t a matter of not trying, to do what was expected. I was definitely a tryer but also a free spirit. 

Nobody was surprise that I found my way to the stage, via fairy parties for children.  Frolicking into the Campbelltown Fairy Shop in 1992 with coloured hair and dressed as Puck from a Midsummer Nights Dream, I was instantly hired as the shops first fairy. The owner, Lexie said, 'you're the fairy we've been looking for.' I was 15 and was totally unaware that the shop even existed. I just stumbled upon it.

Three years later, after lots of parties and leaving school, I launched my own kids entertainment business. Close to 20 years I performed across Sydney, NSW and Melbourne with stage shows, storytelling adventures, garden classes, discos, kids club programs and my version of the modern day kids party - which were always filled with lots of improvised play, fairy and nature talk, honouring of the birthday child and non-stop laughter. 

What became apparent is that I have a natural affinity with children, to ignite their imagination, excite their minds, engage their spirits and move their bodies.

Talking to parents and teachers at my shows and parties I discovered that children were in need of tools and strategies to expand their physical and emotional bodies along with their imaginations. The same issue I experienced as a child and wrestled with into my thirties.  

Throughout my life I tried, many activities and practices to expand and grow. 
 Striving to connect as a human being to myself, my family, the wider community and nature, strategies including:


  • playing and performance, to understand the nature of the human spirit and how to harness my energy to stay calm and focused in everyday life and in front of hundreds occasionally thousands of people on stage. 

  • developing and mastering movement based skills such as dance, ballet, hula hooping, juggling, unicycle , drumming and free flow movement   – giving me confidence for greater physical self-expression  

  • developing a healthy and beneficial, internal self-image through visualisation, guided meditation, meditation, breathing and singing techniques, along with self-directed and university level research.

  • observations of both my internal feeling and the external world, leading to deeper acceptance of self, life and others around me


  • soothing my nervous system by exploring my posture, strength and flexibility and discipline to be true to my self.


  • storytelling as medicine to expand empathy, knoweldge and magic


  • immersion in nature and the wonder of the world around, to ground me, while exploring and camping all over the place in a swag. Bush walking and trial running are two of my most favourite activities, especially with my two dogs. 

I now treasure all these practices and tools as they have taught me how to live a real and satisfying life. I wish I'd had a few of these tools when I was a child and teen, to ground my spirit.

In the last few years I have begun weaving some techniques into my performances and workshops with children, realising just how essential and valuable they are to children today, who are overwhelmed with anxiety, stress, technology, and ‘things,’ to building a more confident and sustainable self.

Evolving my style, performance and  program yet retaining the connection with children, I am proud to offer,  the show 'Firelight' and the Awareness Movement workshop, 'Move Your Imagination.'


With the rise of autism, ADHD, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem and the 'I can't do culture,' kids require  tools and techniques to discover their true nature and potential to live real and satisfying lives too. 


​Introduce me to your school, I'd appreciate the opportunity to expand and improve your child's movement and imagination, self-appreciation, awareness and internal self-image, that is liveable and that will guide them.

Your child doesn't have to try so hard, to be themselves.


20 years experience of performance and facilitation with children
Mentoring UOW Students (2015) 

Bachelor of Digital Media UOW (2015)

Runner Up undergrad category UOW Pitch Competition (2015)

Community Coaching for Institute of Sport (20 12 - 2014) 

Advanced Diploma Screen and Media studies (2014)

Participation in Writing for Children’s TV at AFTRS Sydney (2014)

Diploma Interactive Digital Media (2013)

Certificate IV Interactive Digital Media (2012)


The NEW Working with children’s CHECK number.

$20 million public liability insurance.
First Aid Certificate

Testimonial Yvonne Yunn, Community Services Manager Strathfield City Council


Lavender Lily has performed for 
Starlight Foundation  |   Westfield  |  The Mean Fiddler  |  Taronga Zoo  |  David Wenham   |  James Packer  |  The Claymore Community Centre  |  Warrnambool fun4kids Festival  |  STC  |  AJC  |
NDIS launches Illawarra and Shoalhaven for Uniting
City Councils across NSW and Victoria and more.

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