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Songs and Stories that make you feel great!

Lavender Lily creates performances
centred on internal self connection
and the natural world through movement, storytelling and song.


Firelight is a storytelling adventure filled with songs, spoken word, drumming, movement, animal play, comedy and exuberance.
Combing two tales; one of fire, and the other of light.

The Fire story is dedicated to the question, Where is Dragon? 
You might just discover where to meet dragon again.
The light koan, is devoted to The Wondress and Sea Urchin,
inviting you to remember, your inner light and to shine bright.

Mindful movement and wellness practises are woven into the
adventure to link the tales together. These wellness tools are echoed throughout the stories and through thoughtful selection of language
to encourage and support supple minds, bodies and imaginations.

Adapted to suit varied age groups.
Under 6 years, 6 - 12 year olds and families

Supports educational units of:
Earth's resources and sustainability
The Natural World
Mindful Movement
Movement and Music
Fairytales and Imagination  

Lavender Lily encourages teachers to discuss what unit of study you 
are wanting to support and highlight. 

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Move Your Imagination  

This is an adventure into the wonders of the human body and human movement possibilities.

Move Your Imagination calls you to reimagine how your body moves, the shapes your body makes and your sensory perception.

Through a series creative riddles and ongoing open-ended questions children observe and explore their own movement patterns through supportive guidance and facilitation from Lavender Lily, that's playful and fun. 

Children may expand their :

  •  range of motion

  •  body awareness

  •  imagination

  •  sense of self

  •  feelings of heat-felt connection


  • storytelling

  • structured guided body games

  • movement riddles

  • problem solving

  • animal play

  • drumming and percussion

  • call and response

  • imagery

  • relaxation & breathing techniques

  • songs and soundscape

  • and free form expression and dance

  • bones and the human skeleton

  • Hula Hooping, mini bean bags and scarves

    Supports units on wellness, nature, animals, imagination, body function and the skeleton. 

Adapted to suit age groups.
Perfect for under 6 years + primary aged and families. 

Can be delivered more as an interactive sensory experience for under 3 years.

The Great Garden Adventure

Calling all faeries, elves and little green thumbs .

Come on an interactive Great Garden Adventure with
 Lavender Lily filled with songs, story-sharing, magik, comedy, playful prop pieces, puppets, physical theatre, mime, hulla hooping and more.

The children in the audience perform along through the magic of storytelling and theatre to become green thumbs, magik seeds, scarecrows, rabbits, fairies, and trees to become additional characters in the show. Filled with lively songs that connect with themes of gardening, earth, lifecycles, imagination, movement play and joyful expression.

This show compliments a gardening, environment, life cycle unit of discovery, or as an independent adventure.

Planting seeds can be arranged for the conclusion of meets and greets.

This show is aimed at Fairies and Elves + children under 6 years. 

Show Elements may include:

Verbal and non verbal nature based storytelling, original songs, guided meditation, movement and dance, physical theatre, animal play, hula hooping,  performance games, call and response, sensory experience, drumming and persuasion,  lots of child participation, natural props, magic tricks, puppets, and more

All Equipment included: PA,  Full colour backdrops,  Music and more!

Vital Statistics 

20 years plus experience - Performer - Facilitator with Public Liability insurance - Working with Children Check - First Aid certificate and experienced with Special Needs Kids. All abilities welcome. 

Lavender Lily travels to the Blue Mountains, the Illawarra, Sydney, Melbourne, Regional NSW and Victoria


Get in touch with Lavender Lily on 0417 248869


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