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Vacation CARE

Balloon Bending - Hula Hoops - Movement - Face Painting  

Fun and Practical Skill building

1. Balloon Bending

In this workshop with a twist, participants will learn to 
pinch, twist, fold and make bubbles utilising 260qs balloons (the long bendy kind.) 

Lavender Lily unique style of teaching through developing easy to follow instructions with  rhymes to get fingers moving and bending balloons into animal and abstract shapes.

Each child can learn to make a dog, elephant or giraffe, hat and for older ones the tricky pirate sword. Team balloon building and games included in the adventure. 
Quality bio-degradable balloons used. 

Balloon twisting also assists children to think three dimensionally, 

supporting fields such as 3d animation, architecture and creative endeavours that require outside the box thinking.    

And it’s FUN!

Lavender Lily is fun too. 

2. Hula Hooping

This workshop opens with a hula hoop demonstration of juggling and dance to really get participants drooling to hoop.  

Hula Hooping is not just about the waist. Lavender Lily shares tricks and techniques of manoeuvring a hula hoop on the hand, wrist, arm, neck leg and foot.

 Hoop Games and a mindful movement obstacle course included as warm up and cool down. 

Lavender Lily has taught hula hooping for the Australian Sports Commission and Councils across NSW as well as for many school and vocation care groups. 

Balloon Entertainment
Wellness for the Mind and Body.

3.The Healthy Body Awareness Workshop.

Eight Workshops in the series or book a one off.


Dissatisfied with how her own body moved due to too much sitting, back packs and wearing shoes, Lavender Lily set out on a journey to find ways to expand her range of motion, awareness of body and nervous system sensations, breathing capacity and connection with heart and feelings.

Movement Imagination offers children the opportunity to do just this.

Stories, Songs & Soundscapes
Fundamental movement patterns, 
Free form expressions and structured movements
Animal play
Hula hoops – mini bags – pool noodles. 
Relaxation & breathing techniques
Explorative questioning and Imagery 


Choose between
The Face Painting Workshop or  
Lavender Lily painting your children's faces.

There are two parts to this workshop.

The first part, children are guided step by step through a range of brush stroke and sponging techniques as well as hygiene.

The second part Lavender Lily faciliatates the children to explore their creative,the personality and facial shape of paintee as well as to  utilise the techniques they learned in the first part of the workshop.  The painters role is to bring the paintees inner faery, animal, monster or superhero from the inside to the out. The paintee, to breath and enjoy the facial sensations.

All equipment is included. Children with runner noses can only participate as a painter at the priced rate. Children will paint each other.  

Now Booking Drumming Spirit for 2019  

Children will have the opportunity to discover the rhythm of their heart and of Africa. 

Lavender Lily brings up to 25 drum to share with your children. 

Games, songs, drum play, drumming tales, mediation techniques and dance party all part of the adventure. 


Lavender Lily has:

  • $20m public liability insurance 

  • First Aid certificate held 

  • Working with children check

  • 20 years experience in entertainment, coaching, performance and childhood developments

  • Testimonials at

Ask about Girl Tribe - Creative Writing and Performance - Animation and Film Making
BOOK TWO Workshop in same school holidays to receive special discount 

RING Lavender Lily today on 0417 248869
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