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A Lavender Lily Party, on the SNOW!

It’s 4pm, Rosemary Johnson waits in the Thredboland foyer to collect her four year old daughter Elizabeth. The door swings open, Elizabeth and her ski instructor Alex emerge. ‘Elizabeth skied great today,’ cheers Alex. ‘High five, Lizzie,’. Elizabeth opens her hand beside her leg. It’s all she can muster at the end of a big ski day, to meet the raised palm of her ski instructor, Alex. ‘Is that the best high five you can give me Lizzie? teases Alex . ‘Come on. You can do it.

With Alex’s encouragement, Elizabeth air swings at Alex’s palm. ‘Look at those eyes. She’s knackered,’ says Rosemary. ‘Thanks Alex. See you tomorrow.’

Elizabeth is in The Little Rippers ski development program and lives in Canberra. She skies every Sunday and most days in the school holidays. ‘Come on Liz, this way.’ Rosemary holds open the Thredboland front door and Elizabeth dawdles out and onto Friday Flat. Rosemary sighs, how can I keep Elizabeth awake and motivated for the night time Kids Flare Run, still one and a half hours away. Rosemary turns to find Elizabeth has strayed. Where is she? Looking around Rosemary spots a stage on the snow. A colourful woman with long hair woven with a mix of woollen dreads and ribbons, dragonfly winged printed pants, two toned purple dress, big fluffy coat and topped with a gumnut hat. Her song fills the valley. Rosemary knew where to find her daughter. Elizabeth had heard the call of Thredbo’s new Kids Entertainer, Lavender Lily and she was drawn to her music and magic.

Lavender Lily shared centre stage with an eight year old boy holding a microphone in his hand. Together they sing, along with a crowd of thirty children aged between 2 years to 12 years Reunited with her daughter, Elizabeth’s drooped expression, has now transformed into one of wonder. Her eyes glowing brighter with each shuffle forward. The song finishes. The crowd of children cheers, all wearing the identical expression to Elizabeth.

Lavender Lily observes Elizabeth edging her way towards the stage throughout the show. When Elizabeth’s finger tips finally touch the stage, Lavender Lily extends an invitation for Elizabeth to join her. Elizabeth takes Lavender Lily’s hand to step onto the platform to dance. ‘You enchanted her Lavender Lily with the magic you weave,’ explains Rosemary after the show. ‘Thank you for re-energising her.’

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